We have an enviable inventory across strategic outdoor locations with heavy footfalls, premium retail real estate, and high traffic density transport hubs of airports and metro stations.

Ads are synonymous to the oldest tools of OOH advertising
Backlite Translit
An electronic media widely used for OOH advertising
Aero Bridges
A fixed or movable OOH advertising tool mostly visible at the airport area
Overhead Gantry
An OOH tool visible at the roadside or at the entry gate of a particular lane
Pillar Kiosk
AD displays attached to the street lamps at the roadside, streets etc
Pillar Wraps
Poster ads usually enfolded around pillars. Visible at public places
Product Display
A sample display of the product to attract customer's attention
An electronic OOH tool which provides repeated brand information
Tree Gaurd
An outdoor tool mostly seen at the roadside area, in gardens or at parks
A type of digital billboard which is fixed at a particular spot
Baggage Trollies
A type of airport advertising tool which is movable here and there
Time & Temperature
A subset of billboard advertising visible at roadsides, busy traffic points etc
Frontlit Billboards
Ads are synonymous to the oldest tools of OOH advertising
Traffic Direction Pole
An interactive tool which directs commuters to take the right lane
Flight Information Display
Informs viewers about any related information of a particular flight
Show Window
An interactive media to attract the passing attention of customers
Water Tank
An OOH tool used mostly for local outdoor advertising campaigns.

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