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TDI International India Limited is an exclusive media concessionaire for 13 airports in India. Way back in 1986, systematised airport advertising was first introduced in India by TDI. Since then, we have expanded our reach to cover 26 metro stations in Delhi. We also have exclusive mall advertising rights for all DLF luxury retail outlets and shopping malls. In 2003 we formulated a specialized OoH Agency, which today serves clients through our chain of 24 offices located throughout India.

Year 2008 was an eventful year for TDI family during which we made our presence on digital arena by introducing specialized advertising services on mobile handsets & internet medium. MAD, our Mobile & Internet Advertising Arena welcomes you to envisage the future of brand advertising through internet & mobile media. Assuring desired impact on target groups, MAD is the one stop shop for all your Mobile & Internet Advertising needs. In essence, the name summarizes the exuberant and vivid nature of this medium of the future

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